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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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If you're winning in Wii Sports Baseball by 4 or 5 points, the pitcher on the other team will start sweating.
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In poker you may want to consider using a cut card, which is essentially just a thicker plastic card which is used to cut the deck as well as protect the bottom card of the deck which is being dealt from being seen by any players.
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Valve, Vivendi Split May Affect Half-Life 2 on Xbox

The long-awaited settlement leaves Half-Life 2 without a distributor. Will Valve distribute the game itself?

Commerce Casino LA Poker Classic

Michael Mizrachi is on a roll. Last month he made it to the final table of the World Poker Open Championship tournament. This month, Mizrachi won the Commerce Casino LA Poker Classic Championship tournament outlasting more than 500 players competing for over $5 million in prize money. His first place finish was good for $1.8 million. Mizrachi is peaking at the right time and will be a serious contender in the remaining World Poker Tour tournaments and the WPT Championship in April.

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